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Vendor Information

Please Click Here for State Specific Rules Listed at the Bottom of this Page

Online Vendor Registration

Welcome to the online vendor registration page.  To complete the registration process online you will need to:

1.  Submit your vendor information on the form below, AND

2.  Submit payment for your tables utilizing the Paypal shopping cart buttons displayed
on the page which will follow.  (You do not need to have a Paypal account to submit payment through this
shopping cart.)

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Our Two Day Show Schedule for Vendors.

2:00pm- 8:00pm Vendor Load-In
8:00pm- Building is secured. Event staff remains in the venue.


7:00am- 9:00am- Vendor Load-In
9:00am- Show opens to VIPs only
3:00pm- Table Payment Due
5:00pm- Show closes
5:30pm- Exhibitors exit, event staff remains.


9:00am- Venue open to Exhibitors.
10:00am- SHOW OPENS.
4:00pm- Show closes
4:00pm- 6:00pm- Vendor load-out.

Show Rules & Information

Are there any restrictions on the products or animals that can be sold?

All animals must be healthy and legal to sell within the state. Vendors who intentionally and repeatedly offer illegal or unhealthy animals for sale may be banned from future shows.

What is the Cost of Tables?
Table rates are:

Two Day Shows
$95 - One Table
$75 - Each Additional Table
$250 - Four Table Package
$30 - Extra "Back" Table (*limit one per vendor & two table minimum required*)

Electric is included in the costs above.



How do I book tables at the show? Do I have to pre-pay?
There are three ways to book tables:

- Call at (863) 268-8573
- E-mail your table requests to, & pay via paypal to
- Use the online form available under "Vendor Registration" on this website

Pre-payment is appreciated but not required to book tables for returning vendors.

Extra "Back" Tables -

If a vendor requires an extra "back" table to go either behind their regular tables or inside their booth, they may purchase an extra table for $30, so long as they are already purchasing at least two regular tables. The extra table must be used behind their regular display and must fit within their space. There is a limit of only one extra "back" table allowed per vendor, regardless of number of tables purchased. If pre-paying, an extra table is available via a PayPal button at checkout.

New Vendors -

All vendors who have never vended at a CritterCon or CritterCon show are required to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit for their first show, and the balance is then due by 3:00 pm on Saturday. CritterCon will not book any new vendor if this $50 deposit is not paid.

Vendor Badge Rules -

- All Staff working a table, a vendor's family or otherwise, are required to have a Badge.
- Additional Badges other than those included with a purchase of tables are $15 each. (See Maximum Badges below)
- All Vendor Badges include Lunch on Saturday & Sunday. There is no Badge without a lunch.
- Only One Badge is allowed per person.
- Each Vendor must be present to receive their Badge. No Badge will be given out for people who are not present.
- We ask that all vendors wear and keep their Badges visible throughout the show weekend to help all CritterCon staff distinguish vendors from our show guests
- If a vendor brings their child (minor) with them, and the child is not working the table, that child needs to receive a guest hand stamp. The vendor must accompany their child to the entry area to be stamped. No child will be given a hand stamp without their accompanying vendor parent present. Any vendor’s child allowed into the show in this way will not receive a Badge or Lunch.
- All “guests” of vendors coming into the show, whether doing business or not; be they visiting family, customers who have pre-purchased and are picking up items, etc., must pay admission to be admitted into the show.

The following are the badges included per table purchase and maximum allowed per table.

Tables Maximum Badges Included in Table Purchase Maximum Additional Badges Allowed for Purchase
1 Table 2 +1 (3 total)
2 Tables 2 +3 (5 total)
3 Tables 3 +4 (7 total)
4 Tables 4 +5 (9 total)

If any vendor wants more than 9 workers requiring badges at their tables, they must purchase more than 4 tables.

No-Show & Bounced Check Policies -

Vendor Cancellation:
 Vendors who have booked tables for a show and need to cancel for any reason must notify CritterCon via e-mail to by 8:00am EST on the Monday preceding the show to cancel without penalty.  Vendors cancelling after this time are responsible for payment of 50% of the original cost of tables booked.  This payment must be paid in full before the vendor may book tables at any future CritterCon show.  Vendors cancelling later than 8:00am EST on the Thursday prior to the show will be required to pay for the cancelled tables in full before booking any tables at future CritterCon shows, and will be required to pre-pay in full for all tables future tables booked.  Vendors who no-show a booked show without contacting CritterCon will be responsible for their full table placement plus 25%, and will be required to pre-pay in full for all future tables booked.

- All Bounced Checks paying for tables will result in a $20 fee, then CritterCon will require the vendor pay for the tables for which the check bounced, and then pay in advance for all tables for the next CritterCon or CritterCon show they wish to vend at. The vendor will not be allowed to vend at another CritterCon or CritterCon show until these criteria are met.


Further Vendor Rules

- No Alcoholic beverages or Illegal Drugs are allowed in the show

-CritterCon reserves the right to make the final determination on whether any vendor or exhibitor may participate in a particular show.

Access to Facilities - Exhibitors will have access to the event facilities only during the times specified in the load-in and load-out schedules.

Theft of Exhibitor Property – Each exhibitor is expected to appropriately display their materials and staff their tables in order to prohibit shoplifting or theft. CritterCon is not responsible for any theft before, during, or after each event.

Exhibit Look - Each exhibitor is expected to create a professional, attractive display area in their space. It is now mandatory that Vendors must have a tablecloth to cover all their tables. If necessary, CritterCon will provide them at $3 per table.

Violation of Event Rules – CritterCon reserves the right to strictly enforce the event rules. Any vendor who is determined to be in violation of these rules by CritterCon will be, at CritterCon's discretion, removed from the show. Exhibitors instructed to leave must immediately vacate the host facility premises. Exhibitors refusing to comply will have their materials removed at their expense, and will bear all risk of damage associated with the movement of their materials and animals.

Any exhibitor creating a hostile situation with other vendors, guests, or event staff will also be removed under these same terms.

No exhibitor who is removed from the show for any reason will be entitled to any refund of any fees, or any monetary damages

Exhibitor Fines – Any vendor who vacates their tables before the show closes, removes more than 50% of their
product before the show closes, or creates empty tables through product consolidation before the show closes will be charged his or her full table rent, plus an additional $50/table/show-day fine for each table that the vendor had committed to fill. Vendors who sell through all of their product at a particular show may, with express permission of CritterCon, be permitted to leave the show early, but will be required to leave a table cover and business cards or other promotional literature at each of their tables. Please see sections above for revised No-Show/No-Notice penalties.

Animal Policies (see South Carolina & Mississippi Links above for those show's Venomous Policies)

Handling Animals - Exhibitors who choose to remove non-venomous animals from their enclosures or allow guests to handle their animals are responsible for maintaining control of the animals at all time. Each exhibitor is exclusively liable for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from handling of their live animals on the host facility premises.

Escaped Animals - Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that no animals leave their exhibit area unless under the control of an employee or customer. Each vendor is responsible for recapturing any escaped animals without unreasonable disruption to other exhibitors or guests. Any escaped animals must be immediately reported to CritterCon. Any lost animals that are found after event hours or after the event closes become the property of CritterCon, with no obligation for return to the original owner.

Wild-Caught Animals - There is no restriction regarding sale of legal, wild-caught animals. Exhibitors are not required to display any particular signage, but are required to disclose any pertinent information to interested guests, including whether a particular animal is wild-caught or captive bred.

Guests Bringing Animals - Guests will be allowed to bring up to two animals inside the event. We feel strongly that this interaction will provide guests with an additional opportunity to engage in discussion with exhibitors and will generate excitement among event attendees. Animals brought by guests to the event must be in good health and under their control at all times. Guests may not bring animals into the event for the purpose of selling them at the event, as only show vendors with appropriate permits may sell animals. Any guests who violate these policies will be asked to leave the show.

State Specific Rules

Florida Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to CritterCon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

Florida Reptile Vendors require a Class III permit.  Permit application and all other info, including Florida's newer "Reptiles of Concern" Laws, can be found at :

or contact Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, for Licensing and Permitting - 850-488-6253

For USDA, Main office # - 919-855-7100,  fax: 919-855-7100

For more information:

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conserv. Comm.
Farris Byrant Building
620 Meridian St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1600
850-488-4676 - Main Number.
850-488-6253 - For Licenses.

North Carolina Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

North Carolina State,Cabarrus County and the City of Concord Requirements

North Carolina Animal Restrictions

- No Venomous
- No Crocodilia
- No Tortoises or Turtles
- No Eastern or Southern Hognose Snakes
- No Outbanks Kingsnakes
- No Northern Pinesnakes
- No Dangerous Exotic Mammals (Carnivores)

*Please Note this list is for quick reference. For a full list of all North Carolina Protected Animal Species which are illegal to sell, please review the document HERE.

- Also Note a new North Carolina State Law regarding reptiles has just gone into effect for 2010 which we encourage you to view HERE.
- For any questions regarding this Bill, please contact Cathy Elrod at

- All native non venomous species coming from out of state must have a importation permit from NC State Wildlife Resources Department. 919-707-0050 and fax 919-707-0067

- All mammals coming from out of State must have a health cerificate issued no more than 10 days prior to the Show. Please bring proof of USDA certification.

Mississippi Rules & Information

These Rules & Information are provided as a convenience to Repticon vendors and exhibitors, and may not be comprehensive for every animal. Each vendor is responsible for researching and complying with all current laws regarding their animals.

Mississippi Animal Restrictions

- No permit is required for non-native reptiles.  Reptiles native to Mississippi may NOT be sold.

- Native amphibians are also restricted.

- Native cornsnake, kingsnake, and other native species morphs MAY be sold so long as the morphs are readily recognizable.
- However, morphs which are locally found in the wild, such as Okeetees corns, are not allowed.
- NO hets of these species may be sold as they cannot be visually distinguished from normal animals.

- For any questions, please contact the MS State Herpetologist, Dr. Bob Jones, at the MS Museum of Natural History at 601-354-7303.